Is Getting Back To Office Taking A Toll On Your Mental Health? 

November 27, 2021


1 out of 3 employees complains about mental health issues because of returning to work after Covid. Are you one of them too? If you’ve been wondering whether returning to your workplace is good for your mental health or not, then this article is for you. 

Returning to work after Covid can trigger mental health problems and stress you out. Is it really true? If yes, then what is the solution for it? Don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you. This article will help you discover the common challenges faced by employees after returning to their workplace and how they can keep up with those challenges. 

As traumatic as the pandemic was, the more dreadful nightmare lately has been the fear of returning to work after Covid. According to a survey, 1 out of 3 employees finds it mentally exhausting to return to their workplace. It has also resulted in more work pressure, less creativity, and a lack of interest in work responsibility. While working from home gave you the space and freedom to work from your comfort zone. It is understandable that getting back to the office can take a toll on your mental health. So what can you do to revitalize your mental health at work? Are there any possible solutions? 

Accepting The Challenges Around You 

Before we hop onto the solutions of dealing with mental health at work. Let’s understand your fears and daily challenges. Accepting your day-to-day obstacles can help you plan and execute your days at the office better. You can inform your employer about your concerns and even discuss potential ways out. With most companies prioritizing the mental health of their employees, it won’t be hard for you to seek help. It will help you boost your confidence and returning to the office might not seem as difficult as before. 

Getting Back To Loved Ones 

The hustle of commuting to your workplace and meeting your peers is not where the fear ends. Most caregivers and parents are troubled at the thought of taking infections back at home. If you have elderly parents or kids at home, it can be one of the major drawbacks of returning back to work after Covid

Is Your Office A Safe Place? 

With most of the companies opting for co-working spaces, is it really a thoughtful option? You are constantly worried about whether your office is properly sanitized and cleaned. Most of the employees have been noted to raise questions such as the quality of air, cleaning of ventilators, and availability of quick medical facilities. 

The 9 To 6 Stress 

To work from your home was indeed a delight. You could skip the long commutes, and instead utilize that time to exercise, read, or spend with your family. It was easy to take quick tea breaks and there was no stress of socializing. Most of you believe that returning to your office, and sitting in one place might induce stress and wear you down. These thoughts can affect your mental health and keep you from returning to your office. 

Readjusting Is Helpful 

Now that you know the common challenges affecting your mental health at work. It can be easier for you to find a coping mechanism. Just pivot a little and 

you can readjust yourself into your new normal. Changing a little always helps, it will change your energy and elevate your mood to keep up with your surroundings. You can figure out new routines and working arrangements that work best for you. This way you can keep your sanity as well as concentrate on your work. 

Know Your Comfort 

The best way to get back to your office is to define your comfort. Whether you can work in the morning shift or the evening shift. Or to be clear if you want to be a part of a new project or not. If you are facing any trouble at home, make sure your manager or boss is informed about it. They can help you manage your personal and professional life. Besides, hybrid working culture has opened up flexible working schedules for the employees’ benefit. 

Breaks Are Not Off-Limits 

Don’t push yourself to a hard 9-hour sitting job. Plan to take some short 15-minutes break to refresh your mind. Go for a stroll, head to the canteen, or just read a book in the lounge area. This will help you get comfortable in your workspace. Don’t forget to maintain distance from your colleagues, but do not completely shut them out. 

Practice Mindfulness 

The importance of mental health is not a new concept to you. Practice mindful things at your workplace. Revamp your workstation if needed. If the pandemic induced your interest in gardening, then maybe get some plants for your workstation or put up some photographs to keep you motivated. Participate in mindful activities arranged by your employer. It will help you engage with your colleagues better and have a positive impact on your mental health

Looking on the brighter side! 

While 1 in 3 employees thinks returning to work after Covid has negatively impacted their mental health. There’s another 1 in 3 employees who is 

experiencing a contrasting impact. This individual has seen a positive upgrade in their mental health by getting out of their home and engaging with like-minded people in a creative space. So we can conclude that mental health at work is merely a concept subjected to individuals. Thus, if you wish to look upon the brighter side, returning to the office might have some positive impact on your mental health too. 

Work-Life Balance 

Remember how before the pandemic, everyone was so obsessed with the idea of work-life balance. How working Monday to Friday, and partying on weekends was the most desirable lifestyle? The pandemic did slow us all down. Sitting back at home in our pajamas with no social life at all. Maybe getting back to your workplace, will help you revive a balanced routine. Getting up early in the morning, commuting through your way, and meeting your co-workers. It will ignite creative passion, and returning home to your loved ones will give you comfort. Sometimes the work-life balance is all you need for your mental health

Career Growth, Creative Space & Engagement 

Social interaction with your peers not only gives you happiness but also helps you advance in your creative side. The validation you receive from your co-workers helps you thrive for more. Working together as teams on projects and coming up with new ideas inspires and motivates you to do better 

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