Extroverts Experience More Mental Health Issues Than Introverts- A Myth Or Reality?

November 27, 2021


Mental health is important for some people than others. Is it really true or another societal myth we are inclined to? Read this blog to figure out whether extroverts or introverts experience more mental health issues

Extroversion and introversion play an important role in determining one’s mental well-being.’ If that is so, then what about the ambiverts? Aren’t ambiverts prone to experiencing mental illness? Let’s unfurl the reality about extroverts and introverts. Learn the myths about personalities and know why extroverts experience more mental health issues than introverts. Is it true? If not then why? 

“Self-care is how you take your power back.” 

— Lalah Delia (Founder, Vibrate Higher Daily) 

Recently terms like self-care, self-love, and mental wellness have become very common. People around you are talking about it, writers are writing about mental health issues, governments are running mental health awareness programs. Have you ever thought why? Let us give you an answer. 1 out of 20 people in India suffers from depression. Nearly 2.2 lakh people commit suicide every year in India as per WHO reports. This is the reason why celebrating 10th October as mental health awareness day has become relevant and crucial. 

Putting out your insecurities, talking about your vulnerabilities, and encouraging others to do the same can save you and others from suffering. Several self-help books are available easily, and numerous platforms are being utilized for educating people about their mental health. Even going to a psychologist is not looked down upon anymore. People are willing to rely upon medical help for correct diagnosis and cure their mental disorders. All this and yet we tend to believe that some humans are more prone to mental illness than others. 

While we’ve taken many steps in the right direction. Are we still doing everything right? Or our human conscience of categorizing everything is ending up in peer pressure? Let’s take a deeper dig at it. 

Is It Only A Two-Way Road? 

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you think that human beings with complex-functioning brains can be categorized into one or the other? Well, in some definite cases it is possible. For example, you can either be left-handed or right-handed, or you could be a red-head or a brunette. However, is it the same when it comes down to personalities? Can we classify 7.9 billion people into two categories alone? The answer here is often ambiguous. 

Extroverts And Introverts: The Opinion Hook 

If the questions above are striking your mind then, keep reading ahead. The societal notion of extroverts and introverts completely depends upon the opinion hook. To understand the theory of the opinion hook, we have listed below some common myths for you to interpret. 

Introverts Have Trouble Socializing. 

Lockdown was a magical time for the introverts. They had all their time by themselves all while not dealing physically with people at all. They could read, eat, watch movies, and do all their favorite stuff alone. Their energy was top the roof throughout the lockdown, and they didn’t feel the need of going out or meeting people even once. Do you really consider this normal? 

The truth is human beings are social beings and co-dependent. However, they are allowed some time off from others to spend alone time. This alone time is also referred to as ‘me time’ or self-care. Individuals can use this time to nourish, entertain, or refresh themselves and recharge their energy. This doesn’t make them timid or qualifies for the fact that introverts do not like socializing with others. Maybe it’s time for you to stop referring to work from home as a paradise to your introvert friend. 

Extroverts Fear Being Home-Alone. 

To think that extroverts are dependent on others to be happy or to keep themselves sane isn’t right either. It is also why many people think that extroverts cannot handle being alone and suffer in private. It is possible for extroverts to love doing things by themselves. For instance, a person known to be a social butterfly might also be the person who spends their weekend reading a book alone. Thus, we all need to stop thinking that extroverts are more likely to experience mental health issues based on their personality traits. 

Drawing The Middle Line- The Ambiverts 

Now that we have gained some perspective into the world of extroverts and introverts. How do we decide upon the right amount of introversion and extroversion? Is there a scale to measure the adequate mental well-being of a human mind? With mental health not being subjected to introversion and extroversion but opinion. Perhaps it is safe for us to say that extremities of both kinds can exist and experience mental health issues

Who Are Ambiverts? 

Coming down to personalities, there are people who know how to draw the middle line. People who are often referred to as ‘ambiverts’. These are the people who possess the balanced traits of an introvert and an extrovert. Most of us fall into this category as it resonates with our individual degrees of social and personal life. No two individuals can have the same balance of both. Thus, this is 

where the ambiguous lie. However, this does not mean that ambiverts cannot experience any mental health issues

Isolation Is Not Improvement. When To Seek Help? 

Now that the concept of ambiverts can confuse the limitations of one’s personality. Many people can go to false extremes to prove their introversion or extroversion. While there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert. People who tend to display abnormal behaviors or find it difficult to keep up with their personality should seek medical intervention. Else they can face serious repercussions due to underlying mental health issues.

Why Mental Health Is Important For Everyone? 

A person finding it difficult to step out of their house might actually have social anxiety and not introversion. On the other hand, someone who cannot keep themselves happy when alone might not be an extrovert but simply experiencing depression. Labels like extrovert and introvert can be misleading and act as a disguise for mental illness. Thus, mental health awareness is important for us all and we must abstain from labeling each other. 

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