A 101 Guide To A Healthy Heart

December 13, 2021


The increasing number of deaths due to heart diseases have led to a surge of concern amongst the common people. With sedentariness taking over, is it really possible for us to find a healthy regime for our hearts? What little changes can we bring to our lifestyle to prevent heart diseases?

High blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and obesity seem like common health problems. Yet, have you ever thought that these common health issues can lead to a heart stroke? What can you do if you are experiencing one of them yourself? This article is for people like you who are looking for healthy heart tips to prevent heart diseases.

Be it becoming one of the fastest-growing economies in the world or a nation with the second-highest population worldwide, India has always been a competitive achiever. Unfortunately, over the last two decades, India has taken another terrifying leap in terms of increasing cardiovascular diseases (commonly known as heart diseases). From an estimated 2.26 million deaths annually in 1990 to nearly 4.77 million annual deaths by 2020. It is certain that the risk factors of heart diseases have grown rapidly and continue to be a threat today.

So what can you do? How can you keep your heart healthy? Is there a cheat sheet? Well, preventing heart disease is not easy, especially with the kind of sedentary lifestyle we have all become used to. Your heart is constantly pumping blood for you to live. It is always working for you and it demands you to put in a little effort for its safety. Here’s a quick guide for you to learn what to do and what not to do for a healthy heart.

Healthy Heart Tips That Actually Work

It is often known that factors like age, sex, and family history can play a crucial role in your heart’s health. A women’s estrogen levels can make her prone to the disease. While a man’s diabetic condition can lead to a stroke. In fact, if someone close to your blood relations has experienced a stroke, it puts you at risk too.

Now, these factors might not be in your control. However, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to alter your lifestyle to lead a healthy life with a pumping heart.

Research About Your Risks

Growing older can put you at risk of experiencing heart diseases. Thus, it is advisable to do your research. As it is said, prevention is always better than cure. Knowing your risk factors can help you walk away from them. Many people are unaware of how their daily habits can have an impact on their hearts.

  • Stay Away From Smoking Studies have shown that smoking is one of the primary causes of obstructing arteries. It can higher your chances of experiencing a heart stroke. Even secondhand smoking or passive smoking isn’t good for your health. Other than that, it increases your blood pressure as well which can directly impact your heart.
  • Hypertension Can Cause Distress High blood pressure is not a sign of a healthy heart. It can weaken your heart muscles and cause stiff arteries due to pressured walls. Hypertension makes you vulnerable to a heart stroke as it can rupture your brain vessels. Thus monitoring your blood pressure on a daily basis is important.
  • Drinking Is Drowning Alcohol can raise your blood pressure and result in heart diseases. If you drink daily, limit yourself to only two drinks per day. Else, maintaining a normal 120/80 blood pressure won’t be possible for you. Besides, drinking can add some extra pounds to your body.
  • Obesity Makes Your Heart Work Harder Doctors have suggested that obesity can lead to higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Both of which can put you at risk of many heart diseases.

Move Your Body, Exercise Daily

One of the major reasons why people are struggling to keep their hearts healthy is their lifestyle. With everything available in a swipe of the phone, laziness, and sedentariness has taken over. Nobody wants to walk to the nearby supermart when you can order groceries online. Hence, sitting for long hours, working on laptops, or watching TV is taking a toll on your health. Doctors and scientists can’t stress enough about the benefits of working out.

A little exercise can keep you away from many diseases and help you maintain your weight. Ideal weight can help you control your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It can also help you elevate your mood resulting in a healthy heart. A few minutes of working out can become your mantra in preventing heart disease. You can begin with small changes such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator next time.

A Healthy Diet For A Healthy Heart

What we sow is what we reap. Similarly, what we eat is what we become. A healthy diet will give you a healthy body. For people prone to heart diseases, it is a must to monitor their diet intake. Here are a few tips that can help them.

  • Portion Controlling Overloading your stomach every time is not the best way to eat. It can add extra calories to your body and make you fat. Thus, use smaller plates and bowls to eat suitable servings. Also, try eating homecooked food and avoid takeaways.
  • Low Cholesterol Levels High cholesterol means high risk of having heart diseases. You must avoid eating saturated fats such as butter and opt for other alternatives such as olive or canola oil.
  • Limit Your Sodium Intake Salt can be the reason you have high blood pressure. Limiting your salt intake will help you keep your heart healthy.

Also, try not to eat frozen or processed foods as they contain high amounts of salt. Switch to fresh foods as a healthier substitute.

Don’t Forget To Sleep Enough

Sleeping is an underrated cure for our health problems. While most of you will do everything possible in your capacity to follow a healthy regime. Many of you will forget the most essential part of it- sleep. As an adult, you need 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep to reboot yourself. Sleeping not only refreshes you but also lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. Thus, lowering your risks of a heart stroke. Contrastingly, people who are sleep-deprived are falling forward to one at a rapid speed.

Conclusion- Sleeping is the key to a healthy heart

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