How to improve muscle strength?

February 17, 2022


“I wish I loved exercise as much as I like napping 3 times a day”.
Haven’t we all said this at some point in time?
Sleeping on the couch and ordering food is the best feeling but have you ever
wondered how different life would be if we were conscious and calculative about
our health?
Just the way we take care of our teeth, hair, figure and mental health, we need to
take care of our muscles too. Muscular strength enhances the overall health of
an individual and boosts productivity. Keeping your muscles healthy is essential
as it helps prevent injury, pain, weakness, or cramping. Healthy muscles help one
move freely and keep your body strong. It helps you to enjoy various activities
such as playing sports, dancing, walking your pet, swimming, and several others.
Muscle strength helps support the body, prevents falls and other accidents that
may take place while relieving some symptoms of chronic conditions like
Diabetes and Osteoarthritis. Not only does our muscle improve the rate of
metabolism, it always keeps our hormones in order and regulates bone mass
Building muscle health often sounds like a tough task but with the right diet,
exercise and determination, you can work on healthy muscles.
Here are some easiest ways to improve your muscular health:

Following a balanced diet– A well-balanced diet provides important
vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep the body and mind strong and
healthy. What you eat and when you eat it greatly impacts your muscles
and your body. The right diet at the right time can boost a person’s mood
and provide them with more energy. Eating well can also help maintain
healthy body weight, provide energy, allow better sleep, and improve brain

Maintaining an active lifestyle- Regular practice of exercise or cardio helps
one to be more flexible, confident and energetic. Regular physical activity
can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercise
delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your
cardiovascular system work more efficiently. Adding exercises like
running, jogging, jumping rope, and dancing to your routine will help you
keep your muscles strong and healthy. Also, keep in mind that as an adult,
one should get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.

Weight training and resistance exercise– According to research by the
Mayo Clinic, resistance exercises are the most useful ways to stave off
muscle loss. Weight training and other resistance exercises are known as
excellent ways to maintain strength and muscle mass and it even positively
impacts the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, a set of Strength training
can help you manage the weight of an individual, and it can increase
metabolism to help burn more calories. It enhances the quality of life and
improves the ability to do everyday activities.

Hydration– Staying hydrated is important for overall health, including blood
flow, kidney function, and digestive functions. Water is also important for
muscle health. It provides essential electrolytes that are necessary for
muscle strength and control. It’s also necessary for building muscle. So
maintaining the water intake is extremely important for the muscles too.

Cutting down on alcohol– Studies have shown that alcohol consumption
reduces muscle protein synthesis (MPS), which reduces the possibility of
gaining muscle. It has also been revealed that alcohol negatively modifies
hormone levels and decreases the body’s metabolism, meaning the
capability to decrease body fat becomes delayed. It makes it difficult for
your body to digest food and absorb the required nutrients.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle might feel challenging at times but it is important
for us to stay focused on our target and meet our fitness goals. Setting up a
routine and following it regularly might help you to get more organised and
interested. You can also try to indulge in more physical activities for healthier
muscles and a happier body.

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