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Nephro Nutshell Issue – 3

May 10, 2022

The Nephro Nutshell series issue 3 marks an update on tolvaptan in various aspects. The first one includes a case report of a patient presenting with severe cardiac hypofunction, which significantly improved with tolvaptan following successful living kidney transplantation.

The second one showcased Kidney Week 2021, organized on November 4th–November 7th, 2021. In this conference update part, Alonso S et al. postulate the efficacy of a novel vaptan regimen in promoting voluminous diuresis and aquaresis, improving outcomes, and decreasing length of stay.

The third one includes the technology update, which displays the development of biomaterial sealant that can be used to seal internal wounds and incisions.

The last one highlighted an update on the relationship of the initial eGFR change with clinical parameters and annual eGFR change in terms of renal prognostic value. It indicates that the initial eGFR change may be useful as a clinical indicator for predicting renal prognosis in tolvaptan-treated patients.

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