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Gastro Nutshell Issue 1

December 12, 2021

In this gastro nutshell series, various sections have been covered. The first section covers a case report of neglected hepatorenal dysfunction during the COVID pandemic in a 71-year old male patient with the chief complaint of oliguria and fever with conjunctival suffusion. The patient was treated with doxycycline and ceftriaxone and showed a significant improvement. 

Another section covers the 14th Paris Hepatology Conference (PHC) held on March 8-10, 2021 that entails that high level of aminotransferases is a risk factor for acute kidney injury and a predictor of in-hospital mortality in COVID -19 patients. It was inferred that elevated aminotransferases at admission are common in COVID 19 patients, and they are associated with disease severity and the onset of acute kidney injury, which could be used to predict in-hospital mortality. 

Furthermore, TransMedics' OCS Liver System invented by researchers has been used to preserve organ quality, assess organ viability prior to transplantation, and potentially enhance the use of donor organs to treat end-stage heart, lung, and liver failure. The main aim of the researchers is to save life with transplanting procedures by making more number of donor organs available. Lastly, the issue covers that midodrine, along with albumin, is helpful in the secondary prophylaxis of HRS-AKI and significantly reduces the number of ascites tap compared to albumin alone.

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