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Gastro Nutshell Issue – 3

May 10, 2022

The third issue of the Gastro Nutshell series contains various sections. The clinical update in the first portion of this issue shows that oral midodrine is an effective treatment for prolonged and resistant post-CAS hypotension. As a result, individuals suffering from post-CAS hypotension might explore midodrine as a therapeutic option.

The second segment discusses the GASTRO 2021 PRAGUE conference, which takes place on December 9th–11th, 2021. The author demonstrates that terminal ileum intubation is more difficult, time-consuming, and risky than routine colonoscopies alone.

The development of an oral mRNA delivery method to treat gastrointestinal disorders is examined in the technical update section. The issue comes to a close with a section on global updates, which discusses the clinical efficacy of midodrine in preventing vasovagal syncope in usual clinical conditions.

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