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Diabeto Nutshell Issue 1

December 12, 2021

Endo nutshell series lays focus on various aspects. 

Firstly, an association has been shown between Diabetes and heart failure (HF) patients followed by management of heart failure in diabetics.

In the section of conference, an abstract from Virtual EASD Annual Meeting 2021 conducted on September 28th – October 1st has been covered. Lunati ME, et al showcases efficacy and safety of Sodium-glucose co-transporter-2-inhibitors (SGLT2i) in elderly population with type 2 diabetes; wherein it was postulated that the SGLT2i class is well tolerated and safe treatment option in old-age population.

Section on tech update covers a wearable glucose monitor that can non-invasively measure glucose levels in sweat in real time. This novel technology serves as a foundational example to show that detection of biomarkers in sweat at extremely low concentrations can be improved with this newer technology. Lastly, the series outlines the role of dapagliflozin in chronic kidney disease patients with respect to slowing of long-term eGFR decline.

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