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Team and Management


The founder of TASMED, he’s passionately involved in every stratum of the company’s operations. Armed with an extensive experience in his field, his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and the desire to explore newer pastures motivates him to add an unconventional perspective to the company’s profile every time. Owing to his outgoing nature he not only adds brands to our Portfolio but also develop life-lasting relationship with our customers. Being a foodie he loves to add different flavors to his work to make it like a buffet of diverse components. He’s not one of those who just dreams and goes off to sleep, but wakes up with a strong determination to make his dreams come true eventually.

Mr. B. D. S. Bedi
VP ( Deptt. Marketing )

A specialist of pharmaceutical business, he is our Silent observer. He quietly observes all the minutest details. With skill sets ranging from marketing to strategic planning to operations to project management, he brings an understanding of every element necessary for value addition. So don’t be anxious by his silence as there’s a bounty of talent, ideas and strategies hidden behind that.

Mr. Grover
Rakesh Grover – GM
Marketing Department

As the title implies, Mr. Grover is a generalist & perfectionist. He is the person behind creating and implementing clear strategies designed to grow the business. He supports a healthy internal culture that encourages everyone’s professional development. With his vast pharma experience and dedication towards his works he becomes a strong pillar of TASMED.

Ms. Neha
Neha Dandora
Product Manager

Admirers praise her passion for casting great ideas and critics envy her viciously. Pharma Graduate along with Masters in Business Administration she always tries to get best out of everything. Training has been an important part of TASMED & she is the person who is persistently striving towards making our field’s knowledge Strong, Stronger & Strongest. Her zeal for learning had led her to achieve new heights in her career. She’s kid at heart who enjoys her work as much as she enjoys having creative fun with the team.

Mr. B. P. Singh
B.P. Singh
Manager Sales and Administration

A multitasked person of TASMED, he is the lifeblood for the company. Through his vast pharma experience, leadership quality & team building skills he comfortably manages calm, professional manner in the company. With wondrous attack of ideas and tricks, he solves all the countless amount of administrative issues within a few minutes.

Ms. Aruna
Aruna Dhall
Head Accounts and Finance

Our Accounts are maintained accurately because of her. Due to her excellent accounting skills, we trust her for all our monetary issues. She efficiently handles our daily transactions. To assist her we have an outsourced CA and a team of accountant too. She is a truly professional person who is a treasure for TASMED.

Mr. Neeraj
Neeraj Ojha
Manager - HR Services

A very enthusiastic and devoted member of our team, his dedication and commitment has won the hearts of all. He’s a people’s person who enjoys life while managing all the office affairs in a very organized manner.

Mr. Dhir Singh
Dheer Singh
Manager - HR Services

Workaholic by nature, he worships his work. He is the person of ethics and man behind managing the all field and office related H.R. solution. Due to his good geographical knowledge we never require any GPRS and Google Maps service to find any small or big place in INDIA.

Mr. Gourav
Mr. Gourav Sharma
Purchase Head

He is the person behind our smooth supply chain management , and tracks and report key functional metrics to reduce expenses and improve effectiveness.He is responsible for Developing ,leading and executing purchasing strategies.Due to his optimistic approach TASMED enjoys both internal and external smooth collaboration.